Thursday, 17 January 2008

Altering items

Here are two "altered" items I created over Christmas. You either love or hate altered items - typically boxes, tins or anything (wellington boots for example) whose original purpose is altered by art to become something different. I saw a comment recently on a smack blog saying that altered items are generally painted cack with Primas attached. So it is with some trepidation that I offer my altered tin and my gussied-up shoebox.

The tin was originally filled with blooms, and now I use it to store little stickers that I attach to cards I make. I painted it with acrylic paint and stamped some seaside images, then added some micro beads and glitter.

The shoebox was used to store spare cards, and I simply covered it with some Pink Martini paper that I found too lairy to contemplate using for scrapbooking, and added a couple of the dreaded blooms. It looks much prettier now on the shelf in the spare room.

I've got another tin to alter, from Maya Road, which came with a chipboard album that you can decorate in the same way. I may use that to create a present for someone (lucky them, if you hate altered items!).

Blogs of Interest
I like to visit the blogs in the Crafty Blogs directory. It's always great to find amusing, inspirational or just well written blogs. I've added a couple of new ones I discovered to my favourite blogs list - Karbee and Olibob's. See what you think.


Lori said...

I like the altered boxes- they look so bright and funky, much better than looking at a bog standard shoe box and even if you are 'just painting and sticking on a couple of primas'- its all about making the space you live in prettier, isn't it?! Don't know if you saw the woman that covered her floor in 12x12s, that's cool!
So envy you going to Vegas- I love it! And good luck with finding a good scrap shop!

EllePiggo said...

They're fab boxes Gail. :D I've got a few I need to spend a bit of time altering!! :) Have a good trip.

Monica said...

Love the shoe box, surely is nicer to look at it this way, than just the plain old boring shoe box

Tracey said...

I personally love altered stuff and yours is cool girl, love the way you altered both items, have a great weekend XXX

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