Monday, 18 February 2008

Easter cards

I didn't get chance to do any crafting this weekend. With the sun shining, I knew I had to venture out into the garden to do battle with the ivy and scrub the decking. But, fret not dear reader, here are a couple of projects I finished earlier.

Last year I made lots of Easter cards because I think it's a shame it isn't more widely celebrated with cards. But this year I've only made three. I shared one a couple of weeks ago, a lily decoupage card. Here are two others I made. The card at the top uses Flavia paper by Colorbok, ribbon and three die-cut Easter eggs that came with one of the magazines last year. The Spring card uses a stamp that came free with Craft Stamper, embossed in gold, a pressed flower and again a die cut title that was part of the stash with Let's Make Cards. I have been challenging myself to use all the supplies that come my way!


Lori said...

I like how you've used the ribbons in the top card and the colours are really pretty too. I guess most people just think of chocolate at easter and don't bother with cards so much!

Katie said...

Lovely cards, pretty and bright. Makes me think Spring is just around the corner!
I've made some Easter cards for the first time this year, you're right it should be more widely celebrated. It gives you the chance to make lovely spring cards - like yours!
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Katie said...
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Tracey said...

lovely cards Gail - you have inspired me to make some this year, I don't normally bother but yours look so pretty, hope you are having a great week, take care XXX

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