Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The new look Craft Stamper

So what do we all think about the new look Craft Stamper magazine?
I had to smile when I saw that on the second issue they're trumpeting "Celebrating our 100th edition." The new version is entirely different from its predecessor. New look, new team, new content. The only thing they have in common is the name and the free stamp, although that is also different now (and not so good in my opinion).
When I got the first issue, I was disappointed. I was quite attached to the homey looking old version. The fact that it looked like something from the 70s and like no other magazine on the shelves appealed to me. I liked the monthly offer pack too. Some of the articles were truly dreadful - some of the altered art creations - but there again, some of the cards and altered art tins were stunning, and I copied several. It's a pity some of the writers haven't been retained. I could see the writing was on the wall because the magazine didn't attract many advertisers and it was difficult to find in the newsagents. I had to make special trips to certain branches of WH Smith.
I did love the free stamps though and I've kept them all and still use them. I wasn't too impressed with the new issue's free strawberry and cupcake stamps. They're a bit too small to be useful. Some of the suggestions on how to use them are naff to say the least.
I thought the second issue was a big improvement. I applaud them for trying to showcase different styles of stamping, and combining cute and altered art, because it makes their target market bigger and will appeal more to advertisers. I personally don't care for the cutesy stamps but I know they're extremely popular. I wonder how long they will continue with the ATCs because to my mind most of them are very bad! (Not in general, just the ones sent to this magazine).
Just one "nit." In their Stamper of the Year competition, they ask for three examples of work and say they must be different types - but they also say they won't return any work. I wouldn't mind losing some cards but I would baulk at losing an altered art item. So I would suspect they won't get many entries.


Paula said...

I think the new style is a bit better than the old style but as they say you cant please all of the people all of the time.The only other decent artsy UK mag was Simply Stamping but then that died a death because they reckon not enough people were buying it.
I know a lot of people will be entering the competition and if I can make anything half decent so will I lol Have you tried any of the US mags by Stampington and Co?

Gail said...

Somerset Memories is one of my favourites. A colleague is in the US next week and will be buying Somerset Studio and Stampers Sampler for me. Can't wait!

Sue said...

It was such a shame about Simply Stamping and as you say Gail it is a pity that some of the contributors, like Sue Roddis are no longer with the new Craft Stamper. I think it won't be long before it goes the way of the other magazines - which will mnean trips up to London to get Somerset Studio and the others. Any idea what Jane Pinder's Stamping Guild is all about?

Gail said...

I've just checked out the Stamping Guild, you can visit their temporary website here:

Looks interesting - there are some tutorials eg teabag folding.

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