Thursday, 3 May 2007

The self portrait challenge

Had fun yesterday taking a self portrait, the first assignment in the online photography course. Lots of discourse on this at UK Scrappers...tripod sales have probably seen a massive upsurge! Coincidentally John had ordered a tripod last week before I signed up, but sadly it hasn't arrived yet, so I had to make do with the self timer.

We've had the camera for about three months and it's a very complicated beast. I normally use it on auto, but yesterday I experimented with some of the different features....although the results were no better.

I took some pics outside but the light was too bright. Then I realised I wasn't holding my name card! I took some more outside and then a few indoors. The results are not great - not very creative. I wanted to have pics from different perspectives - lying down and so on - but without a tripod it seemed impossible. Anyway, it's clear I have plenty to learn!

I used the results in a layout scraplifted from Suzanne's in Scrapbook Inspirations. I'll post this later.

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