Monday, 9 July 2007

Stash Stroking reunites author with Mojo

Thanks to some stash stroking, I found my mojo! I bought lots of seaside and holiday themed papers and a kit several months ago and hadn't really had a good look at them. I was excited by the possibilities of all the little embellishments and the gorgeous Australian Finmark papers, so yesterday I created two SLOs and a DLO, all of our Cyprus holiday.

On day one of the holiday, I asked John to take a picture of me on the balcony looking pale, and we recreated the shot, with me wearing the same outfit, on day 13. I called that layout "14 Day Tan" and it was unusual for me in that I used very bold colours and only patterned paper.

The other single LO is a scraplift from Scrapbook Inspirations this month and Shimelle's sketch. It was a great oppportunity to use a lot of different ribbons that I've collected from magazines (free gifts). John didn't like any of the photos though.

The double page LO used the lovely paper with seashells on it. I can't remember where I got it from. It's irritating when manufacturers don't print their name on a tear-off strip on scrapbook paper. I used my Wholy Cow rub-ons for the first time but there must be a bit of a knack to this as I botched it up on the left hand side! I do like them though: for a long time I used to look enviously at other people's LOs with swirly spirals and wonder how they did them.

I've decided to treat myself to a bit of stash so watch this space for an update tomorrow!

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Confused & Amused said...

Liked your pages. Looks very warm and fun.
Keep scrappin'!

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