Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Finished the Christmas cards!

I've now made 26 Christmas cards, which is nowhere near enough but I decided I wouldn't send a hand-made card to everyone. Last year I made around 55. As you cardmakers will know, a lot of people don't appreciate handmade cards very much so I'm only sending them now to close friends and family.

It didn't cost me much to make my cards this year because I had a LOT of supplies left over from last year and I made good use of a free stamp that came with Papercraft Essentials. I did buy some snowflake stick-ons and a snowflake punch, and these were fab. I also bought some large aperture card blanks which make "special" cards, and some great texured card blanks from Papermania. Well worth the investment.

I've grouped some of the cards together to give an overview of what I made.


All Pink girl said...

Wow thats brilliant all them cards ,lovely work ,Dawnx

Lori said...

I'm so jealous that you've finished all your cards already! Thought I was being organised starting mine in November but still got piles to do! I like that you're only giving handmade ones to those who appreciate it too, it can be so frustrating to put so much work into something and it not be appreciated!

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