Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Aaargh: I can't find a Craft Stamper

It drives me to distraction every month, trying to find a copy of the best stamping magazine in the UK, Craft Stamper. As I've mentioned before, no shops in my area sell it and it's a 30 minute drive to Romford to Hobbycraft. I was in central London last week, when the June issue came out, and I checked the stockists' list but only one newsagent in the whole of London sells it! Amazing. I know WH Smith are supposed to sell it, but two branches I visited did not (including Liverpool Street station).

Undeterred, I was in Swindon today where the big Smiths does sell Craft Stamper. But, unable to get into the town centre, I whizzed off to Hobbycraft. Quelle horreur! They only had Let's Make Cards. I must say though that I didn't leave empty-handed. Somehow a few sundries found their way into my basket, totalling £30. Who can go to Hobbycraft and not spend any money?

My Craft Stamper problem was still not solved. I've tried to subscribe via their website on two previous occasions, including last week, but it seems to have bugs. And talking of bugs, it was the Stamp Bug that came to the rescue. This excellent online shop is owned by the editor of Craft Stamper, Jane Pinder, and you can buy the latest issue, and previous issues, online.

I've ordered the June issue and two others. Can't wait!

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