Sunday, 13 May 2007

Crafty weekend

I've had a lovely weekend taking photos, making layouts and creating cards! To prepare for this craft fest, I did the shopping on Friday and took care of most of the housework and ironing during the week.

So - 6.30am on Saturday: grudgingly got up early to go to Epping Forest to look for suitable silhouettes for an online photography course. I'm still getting to know the camera so it was the first time I'd tried this technique. Started off with some pictures of the Royal Forest hotel. I wasn't too pleased with these: the sky was a bit dark. We went on to Connaught pond and I managed to get two ducks in silhouette, plus a 300 year old oak tree. Quite pleased with the ducks. John meanwhile got some lovely pictures of trees and some fluffy baby ducks.

Saturday afternoon I uploaded the photos and then created no less than three layouts, although one still needs the journalling (typically they lie around uncompleted for weeks when this is the case!). I created a page for John's Boston Marathon, in black, red and silver. I'd been hoarding some marathon stickers and bought last week a footprint stamp. I also made a page using some old photos which I never thought I'd be able to combine, which I called "Three weddings and a funeral," and a page created in Photoshop Elements showing the Boston Duck Tour and John driving the duck. That's the one which is not quite finished.

Sunday was card day, and I made four men's cards. Two were decoupage using some great foil decoupage of cricket and football, and two I made myself (I'll post these later).

All in all, very satisfying!

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