Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Joining the community

The UK Scrappers community is a lively and colourful place where scrapbookers congregate and share their work. I've been a member since January, and I log on most days and comment on people's layouts. But I still feel like an outsider: some of the members have thousands of posts to their name, and know each other; and have all been to crops and in teams.

I've just joined a team in the hope of breaking through. I recently asked a question in the forum which I tactfully phrased around the fact that layouts only seemed to get lots of comments when people knew the person who'd posted them. When you're a fairly new scrapbooker, it's quite daunting when you publish your efforts and get views but no comments. You start to feel paranoid, that people don't think your layouts are worthy of a comment. The same thing applies to the online photography workshop I'm doing, which a lot of the UKS ladies are involved with. My pictures have so far had hardly any views or replies, but some people have literally hundreds!

I guess I'll give it another six months and continue to try hard with posting comments and being 'seen.' But it seems like a lot of work right now to get any breakthrough!

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