Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Forget happy pills: take up scrapbooking

From my observance of scrapbookers from their blogs and from UK Scrappers, they're an unusually happy bunch.

Scrapbooking is essentially documenting happy and significant memories, so they all look like they have happy home lives. Great care is put into celebrating holidays, birthdays and simple pleasures like buying new shoes or jumping in puddles. All these are lovingly "scrapped," along with tantrums and occasionally the DH's foibles (dear husband).

Scrapbookers tend to bake too: cup cakes are a big favourite, particularly as they're so cute and lend themselves well to photos that can be scrapped.

I'm thinking that if more of us took up scrapbooking, there would be less reliance on happy pills! It's certainly a very relaxing and rewarding hobby - except for the angst about whether or not your layouts are up to par.

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Kathy said...

Yep, you're right - getting involved with crafty stuff is such good therapy - might not be much cheaper than a shrink though!

Just popped by to say "hello" and thanks for your lovely message on my blog

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