Sunday, 27 May 2007

Singing in the rain

There was no singing, but it makes a good title.
Today we went to a village near Hatfield where John was running a 10k, and I was going to browse around the flower festival and dog show. When we got there, no sign of any race. No spectators milling around. Turned out the race is tomorrow! So got back home, went out for lunch, and then spent a happy three hours scrapping. More on my endeavours tomorrow.

For now, some of the photos we took yesterday in Epping forest for the online photographic workshop. Not quite sure how rhodendrons are running amok in the forst (hideous marauders damaging our own flora and fauna, similar to the grey squirrel)but it made a different shot from tree stumps and ferns!

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Nina said...

Lovely photos Gail.