Friday, 18 May 2007

Waiting for stash

Yee-ha, my new stash has arrived. I've just received my parcel from Craft Obsessions . It's a fairly modest collection: the new Doodlebug black and white paper, a white Sakura pen (so I can doodle on dark colours), some Prima watercolour fantasy rub-ons and HOTP album accents. As always, David and Brenda included some complimentary fibres - in black and white to go with the paper!

When I have some spare minutes, usually in the early evening while I'm cooking the dinner, I work on my mini book. Well, I'm calling it a mini book, but on UK Scrappers it doesn't meet the criteria of being 6x6 or less, so I guess there I have to call it an altered art book. It's a cheap notebook that I've covered, and I'm sticking two pages together with PVA and devoting one letter of the alphabet to each new page. Handwriting in black is the common thread.

I posted the title page and A a few weeks ago. Here's the D page. I've also uploaded two birthday cards for men I created last weekend.

This weekend we will be going "up town" into central London to take pictures of landmarks for module 2 of the online photographic workshop. There are so many wonderful buildings, bridges and statues in London that I can't wait.


jenni said...

Hey these look beautiful...thanks for sharing them with was really nice visiting your post..also visit my blog on Birthday Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

micayla said...

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