Friday, 25 May 2007


Molly the cat was in playful mood yesterday afternoon so I took lots of pictures. I was quite pleased with some of them and created a LO last night. Unfortunately the one where she was looking very cute holding a blade of straw was a little out of focus, but I overcame that by printing it on acetate. You get the rough idea of the pose, but can't really see it's out of focus.

I've been reading Creating Keepsakes, the latest issue of the US scrapbooking magazine. Their layouts have a distinctly different style from those of the UK. They tend to use more photos and their placement is more precise, more mathematical. They don't seem to use lots of embellishments (hardly any flowers). I quite like the simplicity of approach. But on balance, I would say their LOs are not so creative and individual as some of the outstanding ones you see on UK Scrappers. The Australian style, from their magazine For Keeps, was a hybrid between the two!

Module three of the online photographic workshop is Texture. Phew, I'm thinking, slightly easier than last week - or is it? On Sunday we're going to Hatfield, where J is doing a 10k run, so I'll be scouting around looking for rocks, trees, tortoises or anything with texture.

I'll be badgering J to take more pictures of my ugly hands for a LO I'm devising, and also now my ugly feet because I've got two lovely pairs of new Birkenstocks so I want to do a LO in their honour. The last pair I had, bought when I lived in Munich in 2000, are still OK except that the buckles have rusted. Back then, they weren't remotely fashionable but a lot of my colleagues wore them. I was amazed when they took off last year and John's 16 year old daughter even had a pair!


Alison said...

Molly is beautiful!

It's an interesting assigniment this week, isn't it? I shall be looking at everything from a totally different viewpoint!

Lori said...

Aw, she's adorable- I love her long whiskers!
Another Birkenstocks fan- my current pair as being held together with tape as they're so comfy I can't bear to throw them out!

Claire said...

Nice cards..very creative. Thanks for stopping by my site!

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