Saturday, 16 June 2007

No time for crafting

This week I've been in Dublin on business so there's been no time for crafting. On Weds we go on holiday, so there's no time to lose. In between roasting the chicken tomorrow and all the other chores, I'll attempt to do the June week 2 layout (UKS), plus take portrait pictures for the online photography workshop, and upload my altered art book (the ABC of me) to UKS so that I can leave The Lost Girls with a few points while I disappear off to Cyprus.

John's 16 year old daughter is going to bring her prom dress tomorrow so that we can take her picture. I'm hoping to get some good results for the portrait challenge.

A trip to Bluewater today resulted in a quick dash into Lakeland and the purchase of just a little stash: some lace which comes in a handy sticky tape format, and their big value pack of handmade papers.

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