Saturday, 2 June 2007

Out and about in the garden

This is the sky, jug of Pimms, DH and I sitting in the garden (a little untidy though it is).

I had a go at taking some turn and tilt photos of DH and DC (dear cat) for the latest module of the online photographic course. The robin was the result of patience! It kept visiting the feeder, briefly, so I set up the tripod with the camera focused on the feeder and used the remote timer. Lots of dud shots but finally this one.

The best shots of John were when I stood behind him and got him to turn his head; I did try a couple of shots standing on a ricketty garden chair and looking down, but the lighting was bad.

The cat is pretty photogenic and an old hand now at looking up when tickled with a piece of straw.

Unfortunately no scrapbooking was done this weekend. I intended to re-create the DLO I mentioned in my last post, to celebrate the award I won. I needed to take another picture of the award (which arrived this week) - it's glass so I want to recreate a shot I saw with me looking through it. I'm not going to use the glitter chipboard letters I used on the original (duff) LO but find a sutable font on the PC. I often download the free fonts you get on CDs with craft magazines, so I have dozens now. I'm still trying to find Susie's Hand. I tried Dafont but the search threw up nothing. Any pointers, people in cyberspace?


Clare said...

Hi, I'm new to blogging and picked yours up from UKS forum. Scrapbooking and cardmaking are my thing so I'm interested in hearing what everyone else does.

Found this link for Susie's Hand font, I've downloaded for myself as it's lovely!

Debs said...

Love the angle of the photo...I like all your photos!!! :)

Nat xxx said...

Wow - fantastic photos!! Your patience with the Robin really paid off- well done :D xxx

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